Warehouse Management System for CELO invest, Ltd.

This warehouse management system developed for the company CELO invest, Ltd. has been designed in consonance with the company’s distributed warehouse network and production portfolio. To support both it provides a means to define new warehouse locations and features tools for delivery and redistribution management. Every warehouse can be separated into zones, shelf isles, positions and their respective cards, where each card allows for multiple components to be stored.

Among other features the system maintains a list of couriers, suppliers, components, produced packets and customers. It is capable to process standardized labels and to print custom labels as well. Standardized and reusable package handling is use ready along with embedded WiFi enabled scanners.

The stocked components are meant to be assembled into packets which make up modules for further use. In order to provide the ability to automatically adjust the amounts of stocked components based on actual production the system provides a way to define and edit the Bill of Materials in a tree-like structure for the goods or packets to be produced. This eventually leads to a very comprehensive inventory monitoring and reordering capabilities in line with the lean production principles.

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