Sewman BOMe Trim Leader Corp.

This product of ours is being used to plan the production of car seat covers and work performance monitoring by the Trim Leader corporation. It is designed to register and manage utilized machines, record operator attendance and to document operations executed on the machines including their timestamps.

The system provides a means to model the whole production hall together with actual production cells and individual work stations, for which the production process is to be planned. The planning is accomplished by an exact definition of operations that need to be executed using the respective devices. Based on the available human resources the system suggests how many covers of a particular type can be sawn within the current shift. The actual produced amount is monitored and displayed to be compared to the plan.

A reporting feature of the system accommodates for creation of reports, export of data and definition of diverse forms of statistics consistent with your requirements. For example the system supports ways to reward employees based on their actual productivity

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