Perfect control, efficient technology and data utilisation, precise and high quality labor.

Warehouse Management

“We believe that the warehouse system can provide more than just a recording of goods in the warehouse“.

Our goals:

  • Minimal stock and its value.
  • Optimized warehouse utilization.
  • Proper timely customer order fulfillment.
  • Accelerated and streamlined warehouse operations.
  • No errors and misdeliveries. 
  • Remotely available real time stock overview.

Warehouse management system

Ever-increasing volume of stock, requirements on labor productivity of warehouse staff, warehouse processes acceleration, reduction of errors and cost, attention to accuracy and timeliness of information on stock levels, improved customer services; all call for high quality warehouse management system (WMS).

Warehouse management system can meet all the needs for different types of warehouse operating modes. Defining your requirements and using modern technologies such as web interface, mobile terminals, augmented reality, and manipulate to light; provide you with a warehouse management system tailored to the needs of your company.

Jednoduche ovladanie reporty vratne obaly

Simple controls, reports, returnable packaging


What does the WMS offer?

  • Warehouse management – warehouses, areas, locations, stock cards.
  • Warehousing using FIFO and LIFO methods.
  • Receipt, delivery checking, storing, picking, shipping.
  • Use of WiFi barcode readers (1D, 2D / QR codes).
  • Processing of standardized labels and print of custom labels.
  • Records of production batches and expiry.
  • Management of supply and dispatch.
  • Management of suppliers, carriers and customers.
  • Registration of standardized packaging, returnable packaging.
  • Standard and perpetual inventory.
  • Individual customer requirements.

Intelligent warehouse management system

Highly automated warehouse operations allow to monitor what is happening in your warehouse:

  • Determines the optimal storage positions for goods based on real traffic and orders.
  • Reminds warehouse staff what needs to be continually replenished.
  • Suggests optimal path to a warehouse position.
  • Navigates operators to storage positions using light signals (system M2L).
  • Controls loading of the right material in the right amount.
  • Highlights critical amount of held inventory.
  • Redirects operators to interchangeable goods if the required item is not in stock.

Warehouse barcode reader application

Warehouse system supports automated processing of warehouse operations through WiFi barcode readers. A mobile storage software that communicates with storage management is installed on the readers. All stocked materials/goods and locations are unambiguously identified by a bar code which is read by the reader. This way errors and confusion are eliminated. The implementation of barcode readers eliminates the need for paper documents.

Citacka ciarovych kodov kolaz

Bar code reader


The system allows to quickly and easily execute the warehouse procedures:

  • Receipt of goods to a central warehouse.
  • Supplies control according to delivery docket (quality control of goods, return of defective or not ordered products).
  • Good replenishment.
  • Free distribution of goods from the warehouse.
  • Picking and shipping of goods based on orders.
  • Moving goods inside the warehouse.
  • Stocktaking.

Reports and labels printing 

Warehouse system allows for printing of a variety of reports (delivery dockets, stock cards, shipping sheets, state of stock, stock turnover, an overview of the reintroduction, etc.). It can print standardized and custom labels and barcode labels using both standard and barcode printers.

Ciarove kody VDA 4902 tlac s

Barcode VDA-4902 printing


Modularity and warehouse connectivity

Warehouse system provides bi-directional data exchange with other systems, thus ensuring:

Tailored warehouse

 No need to adapt to our product. We analyze your processes and requirements and we will propose a solution tailored directly to your needs.

We have successfully implemented the Warehouse Mangement System also for CELO invest, Ltd.

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