It is proven. This system can boost efficiency and cut back transit and production cost.

Transport Logistics System

Managing a production process incorporating always available components in combination with low stock levels is a demanding task requiring efficiently designed and implemented processes. To ensure a high degree customer service, the whole supply chain must be permanently monitored and managed.

The Transport Logistics System provides the means to process the component order requirements, to design an optimal delivery chain, ensure the order fulfilment and to manage the unloading process of the inbound vehicles. On the side of distribution of produced goods the system supports effective storage planning, preparation for loading into particular loading zones according to a transportation plan and a final control of the goods before these get sent off. The whole process of preparation, loading and distribution is controlled by means of visual management tools.

If you are dealing with transport and logistics, TLS  is designed for you.

 Dispatcher control of traffic lights through the system control module

Dispatcher control of traffic lights through the system control module

Companies dealing with transport and logistics.
„Dispatcher manages the traffic lights using the Control Module of the system.“

What can Transport Logistics System do for you?


  • process component order requests
  • transport route visualisation on maps to support their optimization for efficient truck utilisation
  • transport planning into predefined time windows
  • daily scheduling for material receipt and goods dispatch
  • ensure order fulfilment and manage the unloading of incoming vehicles on inbound
  • on the outbound the system supports the preparation of goods into the loading zones according to transport plan and control of goods ready for shipment
  • secure access into the system for external companies (carriers, suppliers)
  • carriers’ accuracy analysis
  • planned vs. actual transport times comparison
  • visualization of processes on inbound and outbound utilizing Augmented Reality
  • the use of mobile devices (scanners, terminals) for quality control of the supplied material or goods to be dispatched, and preparation of delivery dockets

PIEx TyzdennyPlanEN

Weekly timetable of goods receipt

What will you gain by implementing Transport Logistics System?


  • transport costs reduction (about 20% per year)
  • boost to your operational efficiency caused by improved information exchange between workers
  • reduction in unplanned production stops due to logistics issues
  • reduction of mandatory stock levels (annual decrease of 6%)
  • easy monitoring of order fulfillment and failure to meet delivery times (customer orientation)
  • stabilization and standardization of processes
  • elimination of hidden cost and their significant reduction to the minimum

PIEx PriemernyCasSpracovaniaVykladokEN

Average processing time of landings

We have successfully implemented the Transport Logistics System also at Whirlpool Slovakia, Ltd.

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