Real-time production monitoring and data processing produce unambiguous management information.

OEE tm - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Do you need to improve your production results? Have you heard about OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)? We offer you an analytical tool to track effectiveness in real time. It is possible to increase your production by reducing downtime, increasing tact and throughput. Be in control. In order to immediately react to arisen issues you can set an email or SMS alert. Reduce the number of produced rejects by improving the quality of equipment and enhancing production technology.

 If you are looking for a solution that is fully integrated into any environment and also contributes to achieving an increase in operating profit - we offer you our product OEE tm.

OEEtm application structure

OEE tm application structure

OEE has been designed with emphasis on manufacturing teams that want to boost their operating profit. It fully integrates into any environment with no need to change the systems currently in place. Use of touch screen at the operator’s workstation is assumed for ease of control.

What will you gain by implementing the OEE tm?


  • downtime monitoring
  • effectiveness monitoring for machines, production lines and workers
  • elimination of paper documentation
  • detailed records of production quality
  • production effectiveness overview in time
  • detailed reports in scheduled time intervals
  • improved teamwork

OEEtm ObrazovkaOperatoraEN

Operator screen


OEEtm DashboardEN Dashboard

What OEE enables you to monitor?


  • production line supply levels
  • equipment failure
  • changes in product
  • short breaks
  • micro downtime
  • idling
  • operator inefficiencies
  • stalling
  • quality
  • lack of material
  • inaccurate paper administration

OEEtm AnalyzaPrestojovEN

Downtime analysis

OEE tm implementation

Our professional team will take care of the deployment of OEE. Firstly they will select the appropriate methodology and preparation of key parameters, which is usually part of the initial analysis.

Still hesitating?

"Monitoring of the OEE is turning into an integral part of the overall productivity controlling in the  manufacturing domain. Recent studies show, that the global average of OEE in manufacturing companies is around 60%. This basically means a low level of return of investment into hardware and production capacities.”

We have successfully implemented the OEE tm also at Whirlpool Slovakia, Ltd.

 OEE tm Demo application 


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