Our multimedia information panels raise awareness and motivation wherever deployed.

Multimedia Information Panels

Need to share information with the whole company? Allow us to introduce multimedia information panels to you. They allow to display multimedia content on screens throughout the whole company. Display of your content is easy and highly customizable. Site behavior and content can be adjusted as needed for each panel separately.

Designed for visualization of various information types: 

Everyone who needs to visualize information of different character:

  • manufacturing companies,
  • shops,
  • pharmacies,
  • banks,
  • public services,
  • hotels,
  • restaurants,
  • transport companies
  • and many others.

Simply put, wherever you need.

Multimedia information panels structure

Multimedia information panels structure

What do the Multimedia Information Panels offer?


  • visualization of multimedia information at a set time, which means that each page to be displayed can have individually set time and date on which it should appear on the panel
  • simple use of multiple information panels that don’t require special configurations and provides presentation of any content at required time intervals
  • full customization of the functionality and the appearance
  • to make changes from any computer
  • centralized management of displayed information allows you to use the system within a corporate intranet network regardless of where the presentation takes place
  • intuitive administration interface allowing to change and adjust all elements of the page showing on the information panels
  • almost instantaneous update of content or element parameter on all pages of information panels on which it is used
Welcome screen of system

Welcome screen of system

What will you gain by implementing the Multimedia Information Panels?


  • possibility to present any information at the scheduled time
  • presentation of the company
  • communication with employees and customers
  • comfortable user interface utilizing drag and drop and fully adaptable to user needs
  • preview of the content on a convenient time line
  • centralized management of the displayed information and entire system backup in one place
  • easy deployment of the panels on new premises with the central content management
WYSIWYG page editor

WYSIWYG page editor



Multimediálne informačné panely umožňujú zobrazovanie multimediálneho obsahu na LCD obrazovkách v rámci vnútropodnikovej siete. Zobrazovanie obsahu je jednoduché a ľahko prispôsobiteľné. Administrátor môže podľa potreby meniť správanie a obsah stránok.

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