M2L manipulácia podľa svetla

Effective guidance and delivery validation before dispatch to the assembly line ensure upkeep of a takt time.

M2L - Manipulate to Light

To be considered as a reliable partner means to deliver on time, the exact quantities and with appropriate quality. That is what Manipulate to Light (M2L) technology, supporting picking according to protocols, has been designed for.

No need to stress about the limitations of the labour market any more. Simple rapid training of new operators enables you to grow your work force, while keeping the quality of work on the required level. Operator performance control and real time stock level monitoring can save you considerable cost related to customer claims and minimize surprises in stocktaking results.

An important advantage of the M2L system is its seamless adaptability to racks of virtually any type and size, which usually is a problem with competing solutions. The installation process is almost effortless and can be performed in matter of hours. M2L can be shipped including a fully functional warehouse system. On the other hand, if requested it can also interface with your established warehouse management solution.

M2L is suitable for:


  • Goods manipulation controlling in warehouses and supermarkets.
  • Rapid order picking using light navigation.
  • Component supply controlling for production lines.
  • Warehouse or supermarket supply management.

This specifically designed technology provides:


  • Staff navigation to storage positions using light.

LED lights guide a staff member to the exact location, where his task is to be executed (e.g. component picking).

Staff navigation to storage positions using light

Staff navigation to storage positions using light




  • Material manipulation monitoring inside a warehouse.

With help of sensors the system is able to monitor component / goods insertion into the correct positions (marked by light) during replenishment.

Material manipulation monitoring inside a warehouse

Material manipulation monitoring inside a warehouse

The system also verifies picking of components / goods from positions according to a selected protocol representing customer‘s order by means of object (hand) detection in the given position.

System verifies picking of components/goods from positions

System verifies picking of components/goods from positions

Warehouse management

Current inventory levels (warehouse value) are being assessed in real time. Furthermore, the system generates notifications of stock replenishment needs in cases where components / goods in a certain storage position have reached critical levels. These levels can be set for each storage position separately.

The system is also capable of generating purchase orders for the warehouse inventory replenishment based on past components / goods consumption trends.Rapidly adjustable configuration of storage positions allows for easy shop floor adaptation to changing warehousing requirements.

The system provides a sophisticated way to configure conditions for substitutions of components stored in the warehouse (supermarket).


What do you gain by deploying M2L?


  • Become „LEAN“, because the system signalizes (ANDON), measures and evaluates loses caused by low quality, inefficiency and errors.
  • Significantly reduce the time required to train new operators, as well as the requirements for their qualification.
  • Greatly improve the productivity of your warehouse operators.
  • Decidedly lower the risk of error by controlling the work process (POKA-YOKE).
  • Reduce your stock levels.
  • Improve your customer satisfaction.
  • Increase your flexibility to deliver at the right moment.
  • Monitor your employee efficiency and work quality – no more excuses…
  • Automated purchase order generation based on current stock levels.
  • Online order taking from your customers.
  • Online stocktaking.
  • Storage period and current stock level monitoring.
  • Map of the most frequent picking routes, which helps to adjust the shop floor ergonomics to lower the physical strain of operators.


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