By deploying OEE management we have identified critical processes and ensured growth of the operating profit.


Based on operator availability and their skills matrix we determine the optimal composition of each production cell. By adjusting the logical equipment layout based on the current orders we maximize the production capacity.

  • Production execution system

    • Controlling production batches based on available operator capacity

    • Operative plan adjustments governed by actual performance

    • Assessment of planned and actual production performance

    • Appraisal of production

    • Evaluation of operator effectiveness
  • Scrap & waste management

    • Register of waste and deformities containers

    • Register of machine’s production batch

    • Weighing of waste and counting of deformations for each container

    • Interfacing with electronic scales

    • Monitoring of the weighing process via an IP camera
  • OEE overall effectiveness control

    • real time equipment effectivity monitoring

    • automated data recording

    • critical production process identification

    • machine reports

    • statistical assessment of operations executed during a shift, downtimes and availabilities

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