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With shortening the idle times of supply trucks we diminish fuel consumption and protect the environment.

Warehouse Management System

Deploying WMS to our customer we have made the work of inbound, outbound and the warehouse in his multiple locations. According to a custom request we have interconnected the warehouse with the production which allowed for automation of wares delivery from the warehouse to the assembly line based on produced packets. This led to significant cost savings. Our customer has a complete overview about his current state of stock, exact item locations and the price of the inventory. RFID, barcodes and label printing help prevent human error. Interfacing with an ERP is axiomatic.

  • Storage/supermarket

    • Registry of suppliers, transport companies, customers

    • Registry of standardized packaging

    • Warehouse management - inventory zones, shelf isles, positions, stock cards

    • Management of inbound and outbound

    • WiFi interface to handhelds and other devices

    • Processing of standardized label with prefix

    • Print of custom labels

    • Utilization of WiFi scanners

    • Interconnection with the main ERP (SAP, Navision...)
  • Efficiency

    • Actual stock data with component location

    • Ahead of time low stock notifications

    • RFID and barcodes for rapid data manipulation
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