scm receiving

We have dramatically decreased stock levels by means of optimization of material flows.


With use of augmented reality we are able to visualize processes at the workplace and in doing so we decrease the odds of occupational hazards. By the means of gathering data and interpreting statistics we prepare materials for team meetings, employee evaluation, assessments of KPIs. In supplier appraisal we provide a boost to the effectiveness of transits and we optimize stock.

  • Inbound

    • Process progress controlling and monitoring

    • Data recording: time of entry, start and finish of unloading materials / loading of returnable packaging, start and finish of entry into storage

    • Actual entry situation visualisation utilizing interactive video and augmented reality

    • Information panels and light signals to automate and support controlling
  • Production batches

    • Delivery batch registry

    • FIFO and LIFO system utilized

    • Monitoring of a batch within the production process
  • Efficiency

    • Exact process control according to a plan

    • Comparison and assessment of shift effectiveness

    • Monitoring and evaluation of supplier punctuality
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