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The investment into our logistic system has returned in one year from deployment.


Introduction of our inbound logistics system has eliminated idle times by supply trucks and unblocked the entry gate. Visualisation of important information schrank the required verbal communication to minimum and boosted efficiency of labor by 55%. We create overviews of scheduled time frames using a B2B portal.

  • Production batch management

    • Planning of batches, type and amounts of components

    • Distribution of planned batched between respective workstations

    • Setting priorities when planning production
  • Production planning

    • Production planning according to actual orders and available capacities

    • Planning of Just-In-Time orders in an mass production environment
  • Material planning

    • Components ordering from suppliers

    • Order confirmation by suppliers

    • Packaging catalogue
  • Stock-taking

    • Stock-taking planning and arrangements in the warehouse

    • Component group definition with different inspection intervals

    • Utilization of barcodes and RFID technology
  • Packaging management

    • Management of returnable packaging
  • Transit planning

    • Planning transports within specific time frames

    • Inbound and outbound capacity controlling

    • Transit schedule with operative control capabilities

    • Transit cost matrix

    • Transit restrictions
  • Transit effectiveness

    • Graphical route and truck utilization optimisation

    • Loading and unloading locations registry

    • Transit archivation with backwards route check
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