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Lowering the demand on employee qualification we create new opportunities on the labor market.

Material Handling

For one of our customers in automotive we have specifically developed a system for material handling. The M2L® module particularly designed for this solution combines systems pick to light and put to light utilizing the synergies into a system to ease the labor and human error probability while increasing effectiveness of the process. This way we have decreased the need for employee qualification and the need for overhead in terms of additional inspections.

  • Guidance

    • Navigating for item insertion

    • Correct pallet placement detection

    • Navigation for item picking

    • Item take out detection
  • Push and pull capabilities

    • Supply kanban

    • Production kanban
  • Efficiency

    • Online data access

    • Worker performance monitoring

    • Placement optimization based on statistical data

    • Missing part prediction

    • Registry of operator error

    • Automated order placement
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