Statistic data evaluation paves the way towards creation of movement maps which allow for improved ergonomic resulting in higher efficiency.


By deploying a pull system to control material delivery across suppliers we have boosted our customer’s production portfolio flexibility. Production batches of the suppliers are controlled by the production company which leads to decreased need for component amounts placed within the production process (Just-In-Time). This way we have saved our client a lot of storage space and cost tied up in stock.

  • Storage/supermarket

    • Optimal stock level

    • Bar code labeling of kanban card

    • Monitoring of kanban card current position within the process

    • Registry of kanban card sequence and priority

    • Goods distribution based on consumption in the system
  • Efficiency

    • Decrease of stock levels

    • Decline in cost imposed by low-quality

    • Actual status of suppliers warehouse/supermarket monitoring

    • Early notification of the plan for material inbound and outbound

    • Production and distribution planning
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