By visualizing crucial information we enable the operator to react instantly in a flexible manner.

Visual control

Multimedia information panels are a no-brainer offer, that adapts entirely to your requirements and needs. This tool is primarily designed for company wide presentation and visualisation of internal processes for example in form of reports and overviews. Our customers have always been able to find a creative way to utilize this flexible tool and its’ components when solving multimedia presentation related riddles. With this solution you will solve all your visualization needs smoothly and effectively.

  • Signalling

    • Light signalling on Inbound

    • Alarms triggered by critical stock levels

    • Non-procedural operation signalling

    • Andon system utilising information panels for the whole supply chain
  • Multimedia information panels

    • Intuitive user interface

    • Rapid deployment

    • Unlimited panel control from one workstation

    • Secure information transfer principle

    • Display of all available formats including HD video

    • Data presentation in form of tables, forms and dynamic charts

    • Connectivity with information systems and external data sources

    • Production employee information

    • Company presentation at the reception
  • Reporting features

    • Tables, forms and dynamic charts defined by customer

    • Default report templates

    • Advanced reports and data mining

    • Duration and cost overviews

    • Effective resource utilisation assessment
Johnson Controls
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