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Our system provide the platform for your decision making and support optimal time and capabilities utilisation.

Industrial engineering

Deployment of a Kanban system ensured the sustainability of the method in use. We have simplified supply chain for the assembly line and cut back the stock inside the production cycle. Our customer’s suppliers drive their production more efficiently which led to lower stock levels and decreased cost caused by low quality output. In the same time the cyrculation of returnable packaging has improved and with cooperation and customer-supplier relationships in general.

  • Process design

    • Creation of a layout model

    • Design of physical and logical layout

    • Operation and machine management

    • Production disposition mapping

    • Layout merging for identical logistic operation
  • Material flow design

    • Reading RFID / bar code

    • Production batch monitoring

    • Production flow monitoring

    • Transit Kanban

    • Production Kanban

    • Supermarket configuration for component picking
  • Storage/supermarket

    • Warehouse structure: warehouse -> location -> position(cell) -> storage card

    • Reception of delivery, listing delivered packagings, comparison to a delivery slip (virtual)

    • WiFi connected handheld

    • Suitable storage position suggestion

    • Reception and management of data for picking from an superior system

    • Creation of own picking lists, distribution lists, packaging distribution taking LIFO / FIFO systems into account
  • Packaging design

    • Packaging catalogue

    • Unification of packagings

    • Packaging design process support from design to deployment

    • Packaging model comparison from the point of view of transit, delivery and manipulation starting with inbound all the way to assembly line

    • Cost matrix assessment according to all steps of manipulation
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