• We won the award of the competition "Innovation of Žilinský kraj 2016"

    Our hard work reaps rewards! The Žilina Self-Governing Region awarded us the winner of the 10th year of the competition “Innovation of Žilinský kraj 2016” in the category Small and Medium -sized Enterprises. We would like to thank, in particular, our amazing team who have been involved in creating the award winning M2L technology. We couldn’t get this far without you. Thank you!

    fotka inovacia

     Here you can watch the video from this event:

     And here you can watch the shorter video from our Slovak television RTVS(we start at 36:23):

  • M2Ms would like to invite you to the TECH DAYS conference in Munich

    Innovative start-ups, the most successful businesses and world-class science - that is what Munich is known for. We invite you to the TECH DAYS conference, which will be held on June 23th, 2017 (Friday) in Munich. Our German colleague Oliver Häusler will present our M2L technology in the context of Industry 4.0. The main topics this time are Cyber Security, Insure Tech and Smart factory.

    Do not miss the opportunity to sign up for free now so you do not miss out! We are looking forward to the discussion. 


    logo tech days


    Grafingerstr. 6
    81671 München

    TECH DAYS Munich

  • M2Ms will represent the Automotive Industry Union at the INNOVATING MOBILITY conference

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    Save the date! 14 - 15.11.2017. The Innovating Mobility conference will be held on these days in Brussels. Our CEO, Martin Jančo, will be the only representative from Slovakia and will represent the Automotive Industry Union. The conference will be attended by all major stakeholders in the field of logistic solutions in the automotive industry. The main topic will be R&D and searching for new (automotive) solutions for the future.


    Jubelpark 11, 1000 Brussel, Belgium


  • Transport logistic exhibition 2017

    The last week was very special for our business. We presented our M2L and TLS solutions for the first time at the global exhibition - Transport logistics 2017 in Munich. We are glad that, alongside much larger companies than we are, so many interesting people stopped at our stand.

    IMG 4804IMG 4155IMG 4077

  • M2M Solutions would like to invite you to the Transport logistics conference in Munich 2017

    From 9th to the 12th of May 2017 we will be attending the Messe München conference: transport logistics 2017 in Munich. If you should be passing by, definitely stop at our stand. We are excited that our Transport Logistics System delivers more efficient transportation and saves a lot of costs to ever more companies.


  • The Mathematical and IT Olympics at University of Žilina

    We are always very excited when we can support a good cause! This time, we participated as a sponsor of the Mathematical and IT Olympics held in March at University of Žilina in Žilina. Our congratulations go to the winners and thanks to the organizers the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics and the University of Žilina for their cooperation.

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  • Cooperation with pupils of a Private Art School in Žilina

    In March we had the opportunity to work with young talented students from the Private Art School in Žilina. As part of their job assignment they should develop proposals for a new corporate identity for our company. From the attached photos you can assess how they succeeded. Their work was wonderful and we liked it very much. We want to thank them very much for their cooperation, as well as the school management for their willingness to collaborate.

    We are always delighted when we have the opportunity to work with creative young people.

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  • Conference Technológie budúcnosti už dnes 2017

    On March the 9th, we attended the “Technológie budúcnosti už dnes 2017” conference in Zilina. It took place at the premisses of University of Zilina.

    The focus of the conference was on Lean Manufacturing, Kanban and other interesting topics. Our colleague Vladimír Pšenák spoke about Transport logistics and the link to production.

    Thanks for inviting us Sova Digital and we look forward to further cooperation.

    01IMG 4569IMG 4528

  • Conference Lean Management 2017 in Košice

    Last Thursday we promoted our Industry 4.0 solution M2L (Manipulate to light) at The Lean Management conference in Košice.

    The conference was focused on the application of Lean methodology into day to day use of various industries. We demonstrated how our system makes the picking of components easier.

    Thanks for invinting us and we look forward to further cooperation.

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  • Forum SLOVLOG 2016

    On November the 24th, our colleague Martin Jančo attended the forum SLOVLOG 2016 in Bratislava. It took place at the prenisses of Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel. He participated in panel discussion arount the topic of Process Automation. 

    SLOVLOG Forum is the only event focused on current trends, threats and expectations in logistics in Slovakia.

    Thanks for inviting us SLOVLOG and we look forward to further cooperation.


  • M2Ms would like to invite you to the logistics forum SlovLog 2016

    Please, allow us to invite you to a panel discussion around the topic of Process Automation. The discussion is expected to provide answers to the current questions regarding the concept of Industry 4.0 - automation and robotization. How to automate not only the warehouse and production processes, but also the closely related data transfer.

    Martin Jančo, CEO, M2M Solutions
    Martin Urban, MD, Jungheinrich
    Pavel Mikuška, Executive Manager, BITO-Warehousing technology

    24.11.2016 14:20, Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, Bratislava

    SLOVLOG 10

  • M2Ms invites YOU to the Log-in 2016 forum

    Come to Log-in 2016 forum in Bratislava to see a use case study presentation depicting one of our solutions being deployed at Whirlpool.

    Topic: Augmented reality in logistics

    The potential for use of augmented reality in logistic systems grows with the evolution of technology. The presentation showcases how to control the whole process of preparation, loading and dispatching goods using visual management tools.

    Vladimir Psenak, Project Manager, M2Ms Slovakia

    Whirlpool Slovakia representative

    Bratislava 5th of May 2016, hotel Crowne Plaza Bratislava

  • Vice President of ZAP Mr. Holeček paid us a visit at M2Ms

    It is our pleasure to announce that we managed to organize a visit of Mr. Holeček at our premises in Žilina. After we presented our products, Mr. Holeček stated that our work is the way towards Industry 4.0. He also encouraged us to engage in further partnerships particularly in automotive industry. With his own words: “we belong among the companies of the future, that create values”. The cooperation proposal in terms of the ZAP program for research and development that followed laid a cornerstone for future collaboration. We are excited and very thankful!

  • We getting new generation hooked on technology and IT

    We feel very strongly about motivating kids and supporting their study and work in technology related fields and IT. As a general partner of the european semifinale of the FIRST LEGO League in Košice we have provided support to the biggest robotics competition for youngsters between 10 and 16 years young. FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) is a program aimed at helping kids find their way to science and technology in a friendly atmosphere with the use of LEGO robots. Tens of thousands of kids participate in this competition all over the world. 15 teams consisting of 10 members each meat in Košice to compete in five categories (Robot-Design, Robot-Game, Presentation of the reasearch project, Teamwork, Overall results). Besides the technical skills like design and programming the participants have also had the opportunity to see how good they can work in teams on solving their mutual tasks and presenting their results in front of a jury.

    7 teams have made it to the semifinals, which will take place on 7th February in Hungarian Debrecin. We hold our fingers crossed for them to make it to the final round in Munich.

  • System interconnection boosting the production efficiency

    Our continuous cooperation with TrimLeader corporation led to further efficiency boost for their logistics planning and execution system. Integrating our production planning system Sewman BOM-e with the cutting sheets management system Cutman that stores product structure definitions we have allowed for a one step production batch planning process. These systems communicate over web services, where our production planning system Sewman initiates the communication.

    As a result we have minimized the number of production batch recalculations while keeping the changes to the existing environment to a staggering minimum. Another important product of this integration was the shortening of team leaders’ idle times and decrease of the previous load the planning process caused on the infrastructure.

    Part of the implementation was also an adjustment of the M2M Solutions Information Panels, where we have according to the customer’s request changed the refresh frequency of the planned, real and the delta of the hourly production.

    More about product Production planning

  • OEE license first 3 months free

    Monitoring of the OEE is turning into an integral part of the overall productivity controlling in the  manufacturing domain. We offers a free trial of our product. Obtain the unique opportunity to:

    • idle time monitoring

    • real time equipment and operator effectivity monitoring

    • automated data recording removing paper documentation

    • complete production quality records

    • production overview on a time scale

    • detailed reports for desired time intervals

    • emediate teamwork improvements

    If you are interested in our product, we will install it for 3 months on one of your production lines. No license fees, the only cost is the infrastructure. Witness how real time information help improve your profit.

     More about product OEE tm

  • Simple finance options and depreciation streamlining of our products

    For our new and existing customers we are now providing a way to simply finance our products using finance or operating leases. You can pay your regular lease payments from the revenue our innovative solutions utilising ground breaking innovative technologies help you to achieve. Constant leasing payments can be simply accounted for in your business plan. This helps to increase your creditworthiness, improve balance characteristics which lead to better company rating.  

    All the mentioned options are available for solutions with purchasing price over 500 EUR (tax excluded).

  • Rolling out new web design

    Using a new design and content on our web site we would like to present you our view and approach to the topics we handle for our customers. We believe you will appreciate it.

  • M2L up and running in DHL

    Trial run initiated for our Manipulate to Light system designed to control material flows inside a warehouse storing parts for automobile production. This system is being developed for the company DHL Exel Slovakia, Ltd. with its’ first deployment inside Volkswagen Slovakia corporation.

    More about product M2L - Manipulate to Light


  • We took part in a competition for the Act of the year 2014

    We entered the competition with a solution of ours that is aimed to increase the communication at a workplace. The system does that by visualizing the process and its’ actual state at every moment in time. This way every worker is aware of what to do, which minimizes the need for chatter. To create this system we have used many modern technologies and methodologies. The visualization is done using LCD displays and augmented reality.

    A proven effectivity boost after the deployment of the system has led to cost savings of 2.000.000 Euro annually (cost of transit of components for each produced product) for the affected departments. The system did increase the efficiency of the inbound and outbound logistics which led to elimination of peaks on inbound unloading and remarkably decreased the waiting times of suppliers.

    Higher effectiveness of delivery scheduling and utilisation planning has led to cost decrease thanks to lesser number of delivery trucks. The system also contributes to `environment protection as the a shorter overall idle time of the inbound delivery vehicles means smaller production of CO2 and other pollutants.

    Considering the increase of labor effectiveness has usage of such system a direct influence on productivity as well as value delivery in Slovakia.

    More about product Transport logistics system

    More about product Multimedia Information Panels

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  • Kanban System

    Our developers have successfully implemented and deployed Kanban System for managing a workshop inside the PIEx logistics system deployed and used by our customer Whirlpool Slovakia Ltd. in Poprad.

    More about product Transport logistics system

  • We grow and move to a new address.

    To provide our new developers and testers with enough space for their creative work, we needed to move. Since March we can be found under a new address Bratislavska 20 in Žilina. You are welcome to visit us here.


  • OEE System

    Our tool for controlling and evaluation of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) has been deployed into test mode in Whirlpool Slovakia Ltd. in Poprad. The system is designed as a web application utilizing data from the assembly lines measured and provided by by their controlling units (PLCs). The primary goal of the OEE is monitoring f the effectiveness and in so doing providing a platform to reveal hidden capacities.

     More about product OEE tm

  • Sawing manufacture planning tool

    Trial version of a planning and optimization tool for the production of automobile seat covers has been deployed in the company Trim Leader.

    More about product Production planning

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Trim Leader